Campervan Summer ☀️

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October 2, 2017
July 22, 2018
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Campervan Summer ☀️

Back in summer 2014 I wrote “lovely new book to inspire & compliment the Wild Swimming France book… But HOW are we going to save enough for a campervan & to pay someone to run the guest house for a summer so we can go off adventuring?!”…

Working in the tourism industry on a small island can be pretty intense at times & this seemed like a dream that would never be realised, however we have gradually put things in place and we are finally heading off this summer for campervan adventures!

Our trip will be focused mainly around the Alps – living on a small island we are drawn to the contrast of the mountains and are eager to experience this part of the world during the warm summer months. We cannot wait to explore! We are using the Wild Swim France & Italy books to help seek out a few locations, and aim to spend our time reconnecting with nature and with each other. Our kids are 13 (Louis) and 11 (Amelie) and we are all looking forward to some time away from the many distractions that home life brings.

We are so happy to be partnering with Vivobarefoot shoes – we go fully barefoot when we feel able, but when shoes are needed these provide a wonderfully flexible protection that allow your feet to move naturally – perfect for rock clambering, canyoning, swimrun, trail running, hiking and wild yoga 💗

Our van Bella is almost ready to go, she just needs a bit of tweaking here and there; more importantly we have to finalise preparations back at home & the b&b to ensure our guests, staff (and kittens!) all feel well looked after in our absence. Here’s to the final month of planning 💙🚐☀