inter-island walk

Inter island walk

On a really low spring tide it’s possible to walk between most of the islands.
Nick first did this at school and has done it many times since, trying to find the best route. The walk from Lower Town Quay on St. Martins to Church Quay on Bryher via Tresco and Samson can be done by any fairly fit person over about 150cm/5ft tall. It can get quite deep wading in a few places though most of the route is on exposed sand flats. If you get the tide timings right and keep up a brisk pace it takes about 2 hours.
There are a few variations we’ve done…. you can go back to Tresco after getting to Bryher but a more challenging option is to start at Bar Point on St. Mary’s and cross to St. Martin’s before carrying on with the route. This will definitely involve some swimming!

Warning. It’s important to know where you’re going when attempting this route. Between Tresco, Bryher and Samson is relatively straight forward and can be done on many spring low tides and is suitable for smaller kids. However the leg between St. Martin’s and Tresco is quite tricky to navigate and can get pretty deep and with strong tidal flows even at ‘slack’ tide.

Inter-island map

If you fancy giving this a go then give us a shout. We can guide you safely round the route. A completely different perspective on the islands even if you’ve been here many times.
There are only a few suitable tides in 2021. One in late March (brrrrr!), one in late April and then not again until October.

We reckon this route makes a pretty good speed challenge. Check out our Strava link below for 18th October 2020. We completed the route in a total time of 2 hours 7 minutes. Can you better it? Let us know. or tag us on Instagram
We’d love this to be Scilly’s first FKT or Fastest Known Time. We only walked so shouldn’t be too hard to get the FKT!

start on St. Martin’s

finish on Bryher