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Scilly Swim Challenge

We have been running swimming events in partnership with triathlon coach and event organiser, Dewi Winkle since 2014 and have now run 14 events. We have to main event types;

  • The Scilly Swim Challenge involves swimming island to island with walks in between. There are six swims totalling 15km. It is a challenge not a race but to get round in the time there are minimum speed requirements. This is our original event but we’re giving it a year off in 2020.
  • The Scilly 360 race is a complete circuit of St. Mary’s (about 15km) in four stages which can be done as a solo or team relay. The same amazing safety and friendly atmosphere but with trophies for those who want to race.

Date for your diary – September 12th 2020

Book at www.scillyswimchallenge.co.uk