swimming events

Scilly Swim Challenge

The Scilly Swim Challenge involves swimming island to island with walks in between. There are six swims totalling 15km. It is a challenge not a race but to get round in the time there are minimum speed requirements.

We now run the event three times a year with a Spring event in May, the original event and the two events in September.

2019 will also see our first race, the Scilly 360 which is a complete circuit of St. Mary’s (about 14km) in four stages which can be done as a solo or team relay.

  • Spring Swim Challenge – May 25th
  • Scilly 360 race – July 27th
  • Two Day Scilly Swim Challenge – September 7th & 8th
  • One Day Scilly Swim Challenge – September 10th

Kvarner Swim Challenge

After a test event in 2018 we are also launching the Kvarner Swim Challenge in Croatia on October 11th & 12th.